Talent Relationship Management System

  • 1


    Research on Talent Availability across Social Media, Talent Group and Competition.

  • 2

    Hand Crafting Specs

    Analysing and Refining Job Requirements. Do Research to optimise JD and make it more sellable.

  • 3

    Recruitment Marketing

    Employer Branding, Job Marketing, Lead Conversion.

  • 4

    Systems and Processes

    Defining the Systems and Processes to apply, track and Analyse candidates and take Feedback from HM.

  • 5

    Talent Relationship

    Calendar Synchronisation with HMs and Candidates alike. Allow applicants to see status online.

  • 6

    Report, View & Monitor

    Reporting your weekly and monthly data from automated systems, gain insights from valuable data and allow optimisation.

  • 7


    Audit data to see quality, consistency and accuracy using customised dashboards.