Hello! Welcome to the first blog post on CrossTab’s newly revamped website!

So here we are with our ‘Hello World’ moment! You are reading our first blog post. We hope you like our new avatar. We have built the new website to bring to you a new range of services and our scientifically modified existing services. With this new website we aim to position ourselves as a top quality and high value provider and a game changer for our clients. It’s aimed at better collaboration with our partners, prospective clients and employees and have a dekko at our gamut of services around recruitment, reporting and mobile apps.

We are expanding our offices in Noida (India), UK and the US in the coming months. With our new services like career embellishment and handcrafting of the specs coupled with our strong focus to build HR AI Chatbots & Career Website, we wish to bridge the gap existing in finding the right talent across the globe.

Today when workplaces have converted into work-labs, it is time that we understand that even recruitment has to be converted into Recruitment Marketing. We need to market the jobs and do a hard selling of the same to the candidates. Our passion to add value to both side of the EVP ( Employer/ Employee) value chain has pushed our limits higher.

We understand the need of the hour. In this fast paced world it is difficult for senior leaders to allocate time to embellish their LinkedIn profiles to explore their passion and build the right connections.

Keeping all this in mind we have designed our new set of services. We hope you will like our fresh new look!!!

We will be updating this blog on a regular basis to keep you in touch with all the new things happening in our world.