Why Choose Crosstab's RPO Solutions?

Recruitment Marketing & Brand Building

We use Recruitment Marketing to market and sell the roles and source the right Talent leveraging your Brand. Our Brand Managers and Brand Ambassadors work hand in hand with a clear focus on your unique selling proposition and your employer value proposition (EVP), to very diligently convey your organization’s business information to the candidates and market your brand. CrossTab helps your brand look smarter and ensures it looks exactly as you want in front of your most important assets your prospective employees.

Talent Solution Specialist

We understand that talent needs for different organisations vary. Knowing this fact we act as an organisations' internal recruitment function for a portion or all of its jobs. That’s the reason our Solution Specialist exhaustively study and understand your organization’s requirements and define the right Employer Value Proposition(EVP) to measure and define the right metrics for your success. We device strategies based on your organizational requirements to identify where the talent is and how best to source them. We accelerate onboarding of the most coveted Talent for you with our expertise and experience.

The White Glove Approach

The unique White Glove Approach which works closely with the hiring managers and offers customized talent management and workforce solution with unparalleled support and services.