Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment Marketing

Digital Recruitment Marketing

Talent Acquisition is going through significant change as the war for talent takes off and employers need to communicate their brand’s value proposition through creative and innovative ways.

Off late recruitment has shifted from HR to Sales to a Marketing function. Any firm which creates a compelling employer value proposition around its brand and can clearly communicate its vision through different social touch points is more likely to emerge as a leader in the war for top talent.

If you are not attracting and engaging talent proactively then all that you find in the market are candidates looking for the next change who invariably meet less than 50% of your requirements/ specs from the hiring managers.

The services industry is gradually making a shift from a linear people based model to a more value based approach, Talent Acquisition also needs a shift from a hiring factory model to a more realistic brand and engagement model.

Organisations are now understanding go through a thorough data analysis exercise to identify leads, nurture talent, segment and brand this audience in a unique manner. Getting qualified leads and converting them into potential applicants is where the future is heading with people, process and technology at the forefront

Emerging areas in Digital Recruitment Marketing range from content marketing, social recruiting, recruiting analytics & Talent Relationship Management(TRM). This is the essence of digital recruitment marketing and we @ CrossTab create mobile apps which offer a platform to our clients to showcase their brand and value proposition they offer to employees.